A message from the CEO

Sandhurst was started by Italian-born couple, Vince and Geraldine Lubrano in 1988. Today, it is run by their Australian sons, Mimmo and Ray. Being a family-owned business means that every product has a personal seal of approval and adheres to the highest levels of care and quality. To this day, Sandhurst remains an ongoing celebration of food, love and family.

Our premium products have been a favourite on menus for over 30 years, which is partly due to the wonderful recipes and preserving techniques my Italian family has been using for generations.

From pristine farms all around the world to the traditional, all-natural methods, Sandhurst Fine Foods represents the highest quality products you could find. So, know that when you buy Sandhurst you are buying the highest quality produce possible. ‘Be true to who you are’ is our mantra – that means being true to your roots… and true to your ingredients. We know the journey of the food; quality and authenticity are everything. We make it our business to source only the very best produce.

Mimmo Lubrano, CEO